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Example of how to fit Topper spars and sail using a Sailing Solutions rig bag inside RIGTUBE™


  1. Undo the toggle catches
  2. Remove the end cap
  3. Slightly pull out the sail bag
  4. Undo the end of the bag
  5. Carefully slide out the top section od mast with the rolled sail
  6. Remove the bottom mast section
  7. Remove the boom
  8. Tuck the bag back into the RIGTUBE™
  9. Refit the end cap and tighten the toggle catches


  10. Remove the end cap and pull out the Sailing Solutions rig bag so that the pockets are visible
  11. Slide boom into the lower pocket as shown
  12. Slide the bottom of the lower section of mast into the middle pocket
  13. Roll the sail around the top section of mast and carefully slide into the bag as shown
  14. Cover the ends of the sections with the bag end and secure with the Velcro strap, then slide into the RIGTUBE. Do not force it: you may need to rearrange the mast and boom sections to allow them to slide back in.
  15. Refit the end cap and secure with the toggle catches



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