Laser dinghy & Rigtube Case Study - Dinghy sailing Rigtube

Rigtube for carrying rolled dinghy sails and spars
The quick, safe and convenient way to transport dinghy spars and rolled sails
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Laser dinghy & Rigtube Case Study

How Rigtubes help you carry your Laser Dinghy spars and rolled sails
Case study: Transporting two Laser dinghies on a Merseatrailers double stacker using two 3.7m & two 3m Rigtubes

3.7m Rigtube:
a) 4 Laser top sections will fit fine.
b) 3 Laser top sections with a boom will also fit - it is snug mind (but be careful to loop a bit of boom rope-work around a mast end so that the boom doesn't slide all the way down to the bottom of the tube where you will not be able to reach it when you want to retrieve it upon arrival at destination!).
c) A rolled sail can also be put in a long tube as long as you leave the sail bag string left long behind it so that can reach the sail if it slides all the way to the front of the tube (same problem as above!).
d) Radial bottom sections get lost in these long tubes and you may not be able to retrieve them if they slide all the way down to the front - be careful - suggest you only put them in the shorter tubes.
Double stacking Laser Dinghies with 4 Rigtubes
3m Rigtubes:
a) 2 Radial lower mast sections fit fine.
b) 2 Radials with a boom will also fit, albeit it is snug and requires a little fussing with orientations. It can be done!
c) I can't get 3 Radial lower mast sections to fit (wasn't expecting to be honest!).
Please note that if you are a bloke with reasonable length arms (I am 5'9'' and can just about do it) then you will have no issue retrieving these Radial lower sections even when they are pushed right to the front of the tube. They should be pushed right to the front before starting a journey as if not this is where they will end up after a trip anyway (move forwards under breaking). You really don't want the sturdy looking front of the Rigtube acting as a frangible cover for a mast missile heading towards your towing vehicle! So if you have short arms then beware! You made need to think first before chucking them in!
d) A rolled Radial sail fits fine into the short tube, no issue with retrieval either.
Just for fun: You can fit a 4.7 lower mast section into the Merseatrailer box (lengthways) without any fuss. A Radial lower mast section will not fit into the box. The box also makes a great den for small children!
That's all for now. Once again thanks for all your good design work!
Kind regards, Steve
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