Rigtube story - Dinghy sailing Rigtube

Rigtube for carrying rolled dinghy sails and spars
The quick, safe and convenient way to transport dinghy spars and rolled sails
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Rigtube story

The Rigtube story
David Page Associates Limited is run by a highly experienced British designer and engineer. He is a former Senior Engineer with an international manufacturing company with wide ranging experience in the production and development of many different technical devices. David started his company in November 2008 and has developed a number of successful dinghy products, which sell all over the world.

As a squad parent he wanted to make life easier by having the right kit to transport his son’s dinghy and sailing equipment. Realising that carrying spars inside a car fitted with air bags is a significant safety risk, he started developing a solution which became known as Rigtube.
Protoype testing
The product was fine-tuned during the squad winter training of 2008/09 and quickly spread to other squad parents in April 2009.
Rigtube was first exhibited at the RYA Dinghy show in March 2010.
Since then Rigtubes, mounted on trailers or on car roof bars have become a common sight at most sailing events, particularly in the junior and youth classes.

Map shows some of the locations using a Rigtube
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